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College Bound Vikings

This year, our Leadership Team has decided to pursue a schoolwide initiative around College and Career readiness. We want to expose all students to college as an option for their futures. 


Each class adopts a college and unites together around that identity. Students learn about the college's mascot, take virtual tours of the campuses, and learn about degrees. It gives our school a common language and unity while developing the college-bound mindset in all Vikings. 


We will be applying for the No Excuses University network in the 2019-20 school year! This network guides schools to develop 6 Exceptional Systems starting with a Culture of Universal Achievement. 

Class college
Class of....

We refer to grade levels by the year they will graduate from a 4 year college!

PK=Class of 2037

K=Class of 2036

1=Class of 2035

2=Class of 2034

3=Class of 2033

4=Class of 2032

5=Class of 2031

Our Colleges

The classes have adopted the following colleges:

K - Ahinger = Chapman University

K- Morrison = Grand Canyon University

K/1- DiVerde =  Embry Riddle Aeronautical Science

1- Cornell = UC San Diego

1- Thielen = UC Santa Barbara

2- Fritz = CSU Monterey Bay

2- Kramer = San Diego State University

2/3- Anderson = Arizona State University

3- Firmery = Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

3- Haller = UC Santa Cruz

4- Hoffman = USC (Univ. Southern CA)

4- Schrom = UC Davis

5- Naparan = USAFA (US Air Force Academy)

5- Zivotsky =  UCLA (UC Los Angeles)

Aronson = CSU San Marcos

Miller = CSU Long Beach

Dupuis = Massachusetts College of Art & MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dobbins = CSU Northridge